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    Cable Bonding System for Cathodic Protection and Grounding

PinBrazing – Perform your installations in any weather!

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Patented PinBrazing method offer:

Safe electrical connections to steel structures within Cathodic Protection systems such as pipelines, vessels, reinforcement bars, etc. No use of burning materials as with thermite welding.

Brazing process – No melting of the work material

Safe in all weather conditions

With SAFETRACK battery driven electronic Pinbrazing Method you can do your installa- tions in any weather, any time - rain and snow is no more a problem. No risk for the operator.

Not welding

PinBrazing vs Thermite Welding

  • Fast – The PinBrazing process takes only a second and the whole preparation takes less than a minute. 
  • Does not affect internal coatings 
  • Safe for the material – Does not melt the work material as exothermic methods (thermite) does. Just a thin layer of silver is applicated between the pipe and the cable wires. 
  • Suitable for use on pipe lay barge – No need for special moulds. 
  • Safe for the operator – battery driven 36V DC system and no hazardous materials. 
  • Strong, molecular connection – Silver assure a strong molecular binding with the lowest possible transition resistance. 
  • Easy, automated process – Just pull the trigger and the automatic 1–second–process do the job. 

PinBrazing – procedure

The Safetrack PinBrazing method is fast and easy to use. Just follow these simple steps, to ensure a perfect brazing result each time. 

1. Preparation - grind for the
2. Pull the trigger - the brazing starts.
3. The capsule of the brazing pin opens. A special flux powder cleans the surface.
4. The silver soldering material melts and the process is automatically finished.
5. Knock off the control shaft on the brazing pin with a hammer.

Our own production and R&D

We work in close cooperation with our clients to offer the most suitable method for connecting their electrical cables.

Research and development

Safetrack is constantly working to improve and develop the methods for connecting cables. Our facilities includes necessary test equipments for cold chamber tests, fatigue tests and other instruments for metallurgical studies.




SnakeBite® – New patented PinBrazing connection for connecting anode leads without cable lugs. 

Safetrack Rail Bonding Technologies

Safetrack Baavhammar AB, the leading manufacturer of electrical connection systems for Railways, Grounding and the Cathodic Protection Industry. With systems such as PinBrazing, SafePlug®, SafeBond® in our assortment we can supply any of the modern cable application method to our clients. 

For more information about our solutions for Rail Bonding Technologies, please visit: www.safetrack.se 

PinBrazing Units

ECONECT Digital PinBrazing Unit

This unit reaches a whole new level of performance. 

  • High capacity – 50 brazings / charging 
  • Green – Lithium Ion battery, long life and lead-free. Recharged in 2h. 
  • Digitized – Even safer brazings 
  • Constant Energy Control System (Patent) 
  • Automatic Brazing Gun (Patent) 
  • Grinder/Tool Case /Grounding Device 
  • System Voltage – 36V DC 
  • Lightweight – Only 9,8 kg (21,6 lb), 60% lower weight 
  • Ergonomic – easy to carry 

S 30 X/C Electronic PinBrazing Unit

The patented S30 X/C is a small and portable pinbrazing unit made specially for cathodic protection installations. 

  • Brazing Capacity 40-60 Brazings per charge 
  • Constant Energy Control System (Patent) 
  • Automatic Brazing Gun (Patent) 
  • Grinder/Tool Case/Grounding Device 
  • System Voltage – 36V DC 
  • Weight – 22-25 kg (48-55lb) 



S300 Electronic Pin brazing Unit for welding machines

When a large numbers of brazings is needed such as for pipe coating yards, lay barges, off shore etc. Then the S300 unit can be used. 

  • Powered by welding inverter (not incl.) 
  • Automatic Brazing Gun (Patent) 
  • Grounding Device 
  • Required power supply 250-300A 
  • Weight – 6,5kg (14lb) 



Accessories & Consumables

Batteries, battery chargers, brazing pins, ferrules and a large assortment of different jumper bonds or cable lugs, brazing sleeves etc. 

To see our wide range of accessories and consumables, please visit:


During several decades have we supplied material for over 60 millions of connections spread in over 45 countries worldwide.

  • Acergy (Pipelaying vessels), USA
  • Nord Stream, Russia-Germany
  • CABGOC (Chevron), Angola, Africa
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Subsea 7 (Pipelaying vessels)
  • SAIPEM, Kazakhstan




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